04 August, 2009

Hello Sunrise..

I normally work the night shift..so there comes a time when I have to make the dreaded turn-around..Eekkk!!...Don't get me wrong it's not the worst thing that can happen to a person..It's just difficult getting home and having to be back at work in 6 hours. Once I'm there I'm good..it's the getting to sleep and the waking back up in such a short amount of time; that really gets me. Normally I can't sleep so I take A few Melatonin to fall asleep and then I'm like a brainless zombie when I have to get up..lol..there I am dragging my half asleep, still kinda dreaming, drunk-like body out to the car, making sure I have my phone, my key's, the right cloths on, name tag..my camera...*I always have my camera*...and making sure the make-up I forgot to take off last night isn't smeared across my face..lol..okay so maybe not the make up thing...that was back in my early twenties.."The Party all night, don't go to sleep just go straight to work, get a red-bull and worry about sleep later" days...I've grown up a bit since then..but you get my point...the turnaround kicks my ass now..How lame..I'm starting to show my age..hehehe...**Earth**Paging Crystal, get your lazy ass up and get moving, the car isn't going to start it's self"..haha One of the best parts about the turn-around...is that the sun greets me and watches over me as I make the trek to work...as if's it's telling me.."Wake up sleepy Crito, Did you sleep well..have any dreams??..Have a good day..we'll catch up at three!..The morning sun brings out in me such a natural happiness, It's beautiful, it makes me feel alive, and when I see it..I know that I am alive..it's the true start of the day...one I feel from the very depths of my soul..I often miss it because of my night schedule. What's really weird is seeing the Moon out on your way home...and getting back up in those few hours to drive back and you see the moon out still..just about to fade away..as if it waited all night for you..just for you!

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