06 July, 2009

We are alike in so many ways, yet fighting to be different in so little ways

We are alike in so many ways, and fighting to be different in so little ways. We are all beings, either coming or going, but we’re all here together, and we all basically want the same things, values, peace, Justice and Freedoms. Notice How I left religion out? That’s a whole other story…My point is… We are everywhere… on different sides of the world, in the same neighborhoods, some in secret, some afraid to speak out, most unable to open their minds, fear of the repercussions from the Establishment maybe?…We all want a better future; we all want a safe world for our children and family to come...Why must we continue to wage wars that will not be won; Wars that bloom from seeds of fearful necessity and infectious greed? Peace and truth in Justice…it seems like such a cliche to want something so trivial... I wait patiently for more signs of social enlightenment, open-mindedness, and individual growth..it's a beautiful thing to watch not only yourself grow but those around you as well; I know it seems too far out of reach… But one can still dream right?....and when I say "Grow" what I mean...is..Actually finding that little part of what makes you who you are, that part that makes you unique...yet still a piece to the bigger puzzle...I wish for more people to just let go of all the bullshit that emotionally weights them down. I wish for more people to just be happy with who they are instead of trying to be what someone else wants them to be. I wish for so many things...and that's okay... I will continue to have hope for humanity as a whole!

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