02 March, 2009

Unconscious Sabotage

There are things we sometimes do to our self, and it progressively kills the life within us, I'd like to think of it as Unconscious Sabotage. Treading along in life without change, subconsciously, and unconsciously we make choices based upon a superficial feeling. We sabotage our own progress before we know progress is needed. Perhaps derived from fear, we continue to disable our logical strength and allow an epic battle to be played out within the conscious being. Why? We base our current state: in life; upon an emotional battle going on deep within, of course! You say to your self; as humans with such multifaceted emotions, we are often the prey of our own meticulous yet legendary hunt.

My question is: how exactly do we step outside the moment and honestly look at the consequence? How does one keep from being pulled into the attractive poison of life's secretes? Like honey bee's we are drawn to self doubt, self hate, depression, jealousy, anger, rage, more hate, and a handicapped ability to accept responsibility for our own actions, oh wait and disillusionment. Well what I mean by disillusionment is; that sometimes life can be so up in your face that you tune it all out or make it rational in your own mind in order to deal with it for the moment, and then we continue on auto pilot. Doing everything you've always done and nothing more. And that is just it; "Nothing More". Auto Pilot is not a healthy way to live, and yet so many of us do it day in and day out, going to work, going home, doing the same thing everyday with out change. It's like sanding your soul, slowly wearing down the layers making you more vulnerable to falling apart

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