09 January, 2009


I've walk the endless road of doubt

in search of unfound thought and unplanned meaning

Stories are told; lives are lost; forever unmentioned

Will I follow and float within the sea of lost forgotten thoughts?

Perhaps I know something more than obvious

I gracefully leap off this magnetic cloud of fear laced routine.

Leaving behind darkened times of weakened shame

Cushioning my steps, are memories of contagious laughter

and long lost touch friendly to all who stand in line.

for I am embraced by love unconditionally

a beauty in full bloom, This soul has a thing or two to learn

caressed by vivid and evoking glances

your soft stare penetrates my longing need for touch

quiet sounds of love mingle in the air

Anxiously; pondering the next touchdown.

I am penetrated by his heart-wrenching gaze

I am frozen in this timeless moment

Melting in my very own pool of emotion

I bathe myself in the scattered light

Taking in the essence of love in the boldest form

i am birthed into a new light of lasting soulful grace

I say to the world

Look at me here, crawling in puddles of confusion

You gave me reason to question

You gave me reason to grow

You left out the guided tour

And burned the map years ago

Now on my humble way

I'm lost; somehow going the right way

Yearning for an answer

And an easy way to fly

a way to get there fast and free

as I spread my newly grown wings

i do not look back

with music in my heart

Melody flows throughout my youthful mind

my landing gear is gone and I soar on thoughts unknown

everlasting love grows freely from your limbs

sprouting fruit that provides me with life's little answers

thank you for your cold thoughts, and words less than kind

your brutal wisdom, and razor sharp mind

for I have suffered and left it all behind

Now I play the game so well

you taught me truth

you taught me love

how to hate and how to forgive

so much you have taken, so little you have given

now ride with me to the edge of time

where we'll sit and paint the hands of time.

together in truth we shall remain

one as all, and full of life

despite the broken chapters

time will mend and close all wounds.

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