05 March, 2009

my peaceful aura is changing color

Life at the moment is still and quiet like an empty field in the early morning hours right before the sun rises and birds begin to chirp. My mind is active; my heart worrisome, and my peaceful aura is changing color…it's beyond my control now; it's taking a path of its own, leading me in a direction slightly unknown. Life is changing like it does so frequently, people come and people go. It's as if life around me is changing so much and I am standing at the beginning of this long dirt road watching life fly by…Families are blooming, falling apart, people are growing and moving on, babies are being made, and lives are being written…Maybe it's just the long summer months that make me feel so funky…I really do believe some people are happier In the winter and fall months…I being one of those people…My moods are seasonal...Hahahah...Sure call it rubbish. But it's no lie…the summer months leave my mind bored and yearning for action packed adventure…Where the hell is my action packed adventure? Tell me where the hell is it?? I think schools shouldn't give children the whole summer off; it sets you up for disappointment when you grow up and don't get summer vacations. lol Ugh.....

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