23 July, 2009

Date Night with Harry Potter

Well…I finally got to see the long awaited Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Movie...It was supposed to come out last Nov..however Twilight took it's spot..I was so sad..and disappointed..I felt like I had already waited long enough...But nevertheless it's here and sooo worth the long wait.. I got up and bought tickets at like 11:00am for the Midnight showing...It was fantastic…I absolutely loved it...Josh and I actually started our Harry Potter Marathon several day’s before…We watched all of them…and watched the Order of the Phoenix right before we left for the midnight showing… They of course left a few things out…But I’m not upset at that...Read the Books if you want all the details…lol…Now I patiently wait for the first half of the Deathly Hallows to come out…Come on 2010!!! I think in the mean time I may have to jump on the Twilight bandwagon...I said I wasn’t going to read it...but I’m slowly changing my mind..I desperately need a new book series to get sucked into…I’m currently reading “Change of Heart” So far so good…I’ve probably got about a week left of reading that one…

In other news…Josh and I have been approved for a home loan…Eeeeek! Totally excited!!! We’ve gone to see 3 houses so far and today we saw one that we both really...really liked…It will be a long process requiring much patients on my part..But I am overjoyed at the thought of owning our very own home…We’re not looking for anything to fancy, under a 100,000…The one today was built in the 60’s it was cute…Large living room…good sized kitchen..3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms…Awesome is all I can say…It seemed perfect…Need’s a small amount of work mostly cosmetic like paint and such. The best part is that it’s in the exact neighborhood that we want to live in…Close to our family…it’s not the Ghetto..hahaha..We have lived in the Riverside area for about 5 years now... it’s really worn on us, and left us with a bad taste in our mouths. No more gun shots in the middle of the night..Hopefully our neighbors wont be crack heads…We are ready to move out of lil-Mexico…and into suburbia hahaha…I’m just ready for the next chapter in our lives…and buying a home is a big step…can’t wait!!!


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