06 July, 2009

I wanna fly to the moon

I want to fly to the moon…

I want to take a road trip, to nowhere and take the long way, I want to stop at mom and pop shops and take in the beauty of life it's self…I wanna jam out to Lynard Skinard, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and many more while smoking a doobie on a long country road. I want to feel the sun in my face and the wind in my hair…I want to get away and feel the world breathe around me… I'm tired of this mundane simple routine of life, I want life to happen, I want a child to watch grow up…I wanna see the sunset on the ocean, I want to drive through mountains, and get lost in the woods, I want to be anywhere but here….I just want to go run free into the great world and find new things, and places I've never seen, never even heard of…I just want to be me, free from work, from family, free from my own restraints…I want to be so small and overlooked that no one gives a flip…hahahah I really do care…But there is this huge part of me that needs to run wild through the world, I need to see things for my self, I want to help and build communities that have been damaged, I want to feel like what I'm doing in life really matters, not to the world or others but to me..…I feel there is so much more I could do with my time, that would really be beneficial to the world and people who live in it…I'm stuck…Between real life and what I wish life was like….I should have nothing to complain about, yet there is something I'm not getting out of life…I go to work, and pay bills, get groceries, feed the dogs, it's life at It's simplest…yet I want to rock the boat and have more excitement…

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