21 July, 2009

Down by the River

It finally rained this morning…it was dark and cloudy, made me pine for the fall and winter months :o) It was a light rain; at least it was something…I went down to the river back at the end of June…it was looking so pretty, glistening in the sunset…Absolutely beautiful, somewhat full…not to the brim…but it was definitely flowing nicely. Over the last several weeks it’s been shrinking before my eye’s. I drive over the river everyday to and from work. I always wind up peering out my window at it's curious tranquility but it’s slowly shrinking because it's so damn hot!!! and we've not had hardly enough rain… Maybe I should perform an ancient rain dance..lol A cool front blew in over the weekend. Instead of being 103 or 104 it’s only been in the upper 90’s not much of a cool front when you think about it. Whew. Still very hot…especially when you’re in the direct sun or you’re wearing a black suite and have to valet cars and run around in the sun…that’s the worst. It just beats down on you…

Along the dry cracked river bed I found many shells and animal bones, small rodents and other types, something that looked like a lobster claw. I found a huge muscle shell. I brought it home and cleaned it all up... It’s odd. I guess I really did’t expect to see the bones...but Hey; such is life… it was interesting, kind of adventurous. I felt like a paleontologist. Ha-ha I dug into the ground ran across odd looking rocks and tiny shells everywhere. There was also a large amount of trash buried in the sand and dirt. Makes me want get a group together. And spend a few hours with trash bags just picking up everything that’s there…It was so hot when I went to the river that day that after just 15 minutes of being in the sun sweat was pouring off my face...I could feel the salt burning my eye's..my body was probably cussing me out wondering what the hell I was doing in the sun like that..No worries..I had my SPF...It was insanely hot! It was however..a nice lil adventure for me, my camera, and the beauty of nature surrounding me..It felt relaxing and therapeutic.