03 October, 2006

Bus stops, and taxi cabs....

blah blah, bus stop, Wal-Mart, blah blah Blah

So there we were walking our asses to the bus stop at Yucca and Riverside.

It was a bus adventure like no other!

Yes, folk's that's right, two white crackers in the middle of north side scuttle down to the bus stop, no wedding ring, and only the necessary items needed for a Wal-Mart shopping adventure. No purse, extra baggage and no wallet. Just cash ID, and phone in hand.

We have been taking a taxi to and from work for the past 2 weeks, and let me tell you you'll go broke before you know it. You see we should have been able to get the car completely running this past week, but most of our extra money went to taxi cabs. .errr


So that's 20 dollars a day for me, and 40 bucks a day for Josh and I both. It sucks ass. But this is one of those times, where you just have to grin and bear it.

Now the Fort Worth Transportation services have made me a happy woman. I had to be at work this afternoon at 2:30 so I walked 3 blocks to the stop got on the bus at 1:55 and got to work with 10 minutes to spare and all for a lovely fee of 1.25 how fucking amazing is that????Now I can't really take the bus home since the last bus runs at 10:55, but that's all right. Plus Josh would die if he knew I were taking a bus alone late at night in our neighborhood, especially since I have to walk a few blocks in order to get home.

So I never really knew how great it could be. And also when I think about being completely stuck like chuck I'm not. The bus system is there for us to use, and I am sooooo thankful that it's there. Or else I'd be fucked.

You know last night on our adventure I held his hand tight to the bus stop, as if you were kids again walking through the halls of high school hell. I felt safe knowing that if in fact anything did happen, he would always be my protector. It's the little moments such as last night that remind me what love really is. I love him so much, it's kind of sick, and I often feel the need to tell the world how much im in love. But that's just me, I'm that kind of girl, who analyzes everything and nothing all at once.

It's what makes me, me….
You know?

Even when he makes me sooooo mad that I can't think I just love it.

We had a big argument, the other day; it's been so worth it. We both spit out some things that we're making us twitch inside, and now we have a better view as to where we're headed. Well better than we did before.
Even during this hard time I love him and I know from the bottom of my heart that he'll see me through till the end. We've been through some crap before, like most couples, and even though this time seems really hard, it's not that bad because we have each other. We can laugh about the shit that hits the fan, and I can cry, and when it falls back down on top of me. I know he'll be there to clean up and help me figure it all out. That's why I married the fellow….Probably one of the smartest decisions I've made so far in my short, yet long life….
Our car has been out of commission, and because we had procrastinated so much on getting it fixed we're now stuck. Stuck like Chuck….That was part of our discussion, WHY OH WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO PROCRASTINATE??

So now we've agreed to schedule things…. AND STICK BY OUR AGENDA, its hard to stay on track, but we'll be happier in the long run.It's been a bit of a strain to spend all of our money on cabs, I mean we don't live close enough to his parents to beg for a ride, so we just have to deal. I've seen us go through easier times and completely tare each other apart. But right now, I feel like I can depend on him to figure this out. It's moments like this that either break you or make you stronger. And I guess you could say it's making us stronger. We've got a budget planned and should be able to be mobile in about another week.

So for those of you who think I am blowing you off I promise there is a very good and logical reason behind it. I have missed you all and haven't even gotten around to seeing some of you…

But give me a bit more time and I will be there to SHINE!

As soon as I am on all 4 wheels I will be like Santa making my rounds, because I've been really bored stuck at home watching crappy television. I can't wait to have my car back, and then I might not ever be home…
Love always

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