07 June, 2009

Epic Dream June

another dream I found written down..I started a dream journal a while back and it's been hiding in a box for a while..I just found it..and it's August..that last time I wrote was in June..lol

Last night I had what I call an Epic Dream…I was outside and the moon was big in the sky. It was huge!! It had an odd color to it…blue and light orange colors swirled through it…It almost looked like another planet had jumped into our sky...But deep within me I knew for some reason that it was indeed the moon. Something crazy had happened. There were no means of communication through phones, internet or TV...It’s as if suddenly time was standing still. I was fearful inside, I was afraid of what was happening because I did not know what the hell was going on. I normally don’t have dreams with Josh but he was in the dream. We were in two different places. This deep fear hit me. Would I be able to get to Josh? Would we both be trying to get to one another and miss each other along the way?…When the sun came out it was bright but not as bright as if it were daylight…It was dark outside, lit by the odd moon… then the sun was there this giant orange ball hanging in the sky it seemed much closer than the moon did…and in my dream I mean that the sun was like a basked ball in the sky…maybe bigger...that compared to holding up a quarter and saying that’s the normal size…it was just looming in the sky while panic started to set in. all I could think was that “I had to find Josh” the dream turns into action after this… I was hiding in random houses, many people fled their homes or were being killed I don’t know what was happening but people were lying all over the place…like they had just lain down to sleep, but they were dead. I don’t know what killed them. I just know that I had this animal like instinct to hide…like I could not be caught or seen, or captured it was very real and intense feeling. Along my way I ran into my dad, he had a back pack, so he gave it to me and said “You’ll need this more then me” Then I was rummaging through some house I was getting stuff I would need to survive. I just remembered tossing stuff to the side that I did not need and shoving other stuff in the backpack. I was frantic then from a distance I see Josh he is just staring at the ground almost like a statue, I start to run to him. He does not move or see me. I wake up before reaching him…I lost most of the details of this dream because I waited the entire day before I could write it out...ugh… Extremely intense...very strange