25 March, 2009

Dream March 25

I was in a field a huge open area that had tree’s along the horizon, I was with some other people a few friends...and I think my brother and sister in-law, we were running along side a ditch, there were hills around us but not many trees; except in the distance. There was a lot of wind; suddenly I fell to the ground and dug my arms deep into the earth. I was elbow deep grass and dirt, When I looked behind myself I looked along the ditch…I could see mini tornados forming within the ditch, they seemed to appear out of no where, and they came right for me, I buried my head in my arms and the dirt that surrounded me…they tornados would blow right over me, causing me to feel so freaked out, I would not say horrified. Just freaked out…Today is my birthday. I had several dreams last night. What a great birthday present…the dream was so weird…4 times the tornados came at me, I wasn’t hurt or anything…This dream was on the small side compared to the last tornado dream I had…I was sitting on my bed looking out the window and I could see this huge ominous cloud coming our way, I knew it was a tornado, and by the time it got to us is it was magnificent, Huge and truly amazing…it came up on the house and was just tearing it apart, I could feel the house being pulled apart and feel things buzzing past my body… I remember laying back down on the bed screaming “This is it; hang on” I felt my bed and my body being lifted into the air, I was laying flat on my back with my eye’s closed, and my hands tightly wound up in the sheets. I was floating in the sky I had this sudden peaceful feeling that overcame my entire being…I remember feeling like “This was It I was about to die” as soon as that thought entered into my head I was right back on the ground with chaos surrounding me...But I was alive...so I guess that’s all that really mattered. In my early teens and early 20’s I never had dreams about tornados…there’s are fairly new to my dreamscape

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