08 January, 2008

Epic Dream Jan 2008

Okay so my dream started off in house I'm assuming mine and josh's…We had friends and family over, I cant say exactly who everyone was, but I know for sure my brother was there, josh, Sarah, and others…but I just don't know who everyone was…We were having a "Watching party" Supposedly there was going to be some sort of meteor shower or something thing cool to watch in the sky..Ohh I just remembered my grandmother and Jen were there too…

So I'm sitting by the window on the couch and I peek outside through the blinds…To my amazement there is this huge glowing ball in the sky, I recognize it as our sun, yet it's night time and it's orange, yet the sky is not lit up like the sun is out…It kind of looks like the moon when it's coming up over the horizon and it's big and orange…So at this point the sun is about the size of a quarter if you hold it up in front of your face to the sky….I get really excited so we all make our way out side to investigate…When we go out side, all the sudden the sun it huge, in the sky and now it's its sitting right on the horizon, the sun enormous, as if you could reach out and touch it…You can see the hot surface being spit out into the sky, it's really kind of intriguing, and a little bit frightening but it's so big and so huge it covers nearly half the sky…So outside people are crowding the streets in amazement of this one in a lifetime event….Then we go back inside because some of us a starting to freak out. Back at the couch I am looking out the window this time the blinds are pulled up so everyone can see…The sun starts to back off, and all the sudden you see this purple haze or gas stuff coming from the sun it looks like it's about to be right at our neighborhood, only it never reaches us it kind of looks like a nebula or something … it's so amazing in my dream I can remember being sucked into this phenomenon like it wasn't dangerous one bit….Anw-who so it's bleeding purple gaseous stuff and then all the sudden we hear what sounds like a firecracker from miles away, and looking up at the sun you see this huge explosion on the surface and then in slow motion it seemed this huge fire ball comes crashing down to the earth. Now the fireball didn't hit our area of town but then several other fireballs came crashing down, I can remember people screaming, running through my house hiding in my bathroom… The sun then explodes more in the sky and now the dark night sky is littered with burning fireballs, it look as our night sky had just accumulated several stars and other galaxies, the sky was glittery and bright yet still dark, then there were tiny spaceships that started coming through the sky I cant remember them ever landing, then the sun backs off again this time it's about the size of a nickel in the sky, and then it' starts spinning in the sky around the earth as if were being sucked into a whole or something, it was swirling around I the sky and then just like that it was gone, it was just crazy, my dream then goes from that night to the next morning the world is in chaos people are dead, people are missing, josh took a spaceship and left out to space with several other people…I had no idea how to find him, my brother went with him also….Right here is where my dream really starts to fade, but the feelings i had in the dream were very intense, and again……it felt like I had lived this whole other life in my dream, I mean I woke up feeling like if I walked out side the world would be in ruins…It's so crazy, yet as scared as I was in my dream it's like I had been waiting for this thing to happen it's as if part of my mind knew it was supposed to happen, it's very strange, because if something like that happened in real life I would have freaked the fuck out, only in my dream it was just so different…I wish I could remember every single detail, but some of it's not there…anywho

It's really weird, for me to have dreams like this because they are the types of dreams that are burned into your memory, even though it wasn't an actual event…I remember when I was 13 or 12 years old I had a dream very similar to this type, I can still explain it in vivid detail, to this very day…But it had the same feel, only when I had the dream way back then it brought me to tears, I think that's when I started to see the world differently, I remember waking up walking to the living room, I curled up In the chair, and tears just ran down my face, I was so amazed by the dream that telling my brother it moved me, I remember asking him, do you think anything in life could actually happen like that…it's weird but like I said, it's burned into my memory

02 January, 2008

My heart will still call for you

A thousand men could smile at me softly

and shower me with jewels

Yet, my heart will still call for you

A hundred men might show me the moon

and take me for a ride

yet, my heart will still cry for you

A few good men might die for me

even cry for me

yet, my heart will still beat to your drum

A single man could offer me the world

yet, I would turn to find you

You hold the answers to my life equation

all other variables are incomplete