12 November, 2006

treading shallow thoughts

walking in the distance I see many questionable paths

I take a break longing to sit and ponder life

rain falling on my soul cleanses my inner confliction

pouring out of my mind are polished thougths

i have yet to start my jouney abroad

weighed down by my own informal needs

i strech out and gaze up at the stars

asking for answers and questioning forethought

lying here in mindful passion

my heart leaps headstrong into the sky

with full force and empty convictions

i am at once everywhere and nowhere

beauty seeks me as age defies me

free of bondaries my heart dances wildy

into the darkened past

stillness of the heart allows no passengers and no pedestrians

alone i wak theis milky way of unconsciousness

treading in shallow thought my soul is half full

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