13 October, 2006

crazy night with the boy

Holy Crap I am freezing my ass off, literally, well maybe just my nose and fingers. It's nice to have this cool weather, only the Hotel insist on keeping the temperature set cold enough to freeze an ice cube. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I only have few hours left and my Friday starts. Yay, for me who; worked days in a row this week. I sooooo did not want to get out of bed this morning Josh was extra sweet this morning, heheheheh. I love him like a runner loves his shoes.
Wow yesterday was my day off, and I walked everywhere. My ass feels great and you might even be able to bounce a quarter off it. hehehe I slept in which was fantastic, and then I got up and attempted to clean the kitchen. I only got about 75 % of the way through it then I gave up and sat my lazy ass on the couch and watched some awful daytime T.V. Well I guess it wasn't that awful, I sat there watching it for at least an hour and a half while Mary Jane and I rekindled an old flame….

hahaha…I crack me up.

Okay so I put on my sneakers and my sweater, and I was off, off and away. I haven't seen my dad in almost two weeks, so I had been promising him all week that Thursday I'd walk to his house and visit with him. Finally I am a woman of my word. I was stoned off my ass, which Hey I deserved, it was my day off, and I wasn't harming anyone else with my free time illegal activity. But it made for one great walk. It was such a beautiful day, that why wouldn't you walk instead of drive. I only have about a week and a half and I will be up and rolling on four wheels…

Last night. Wow you should have seen Josh and I. I walked to my Dad's during the day I spent the better part of the afternoon there, and I walked probably about 2 miles maybe 3 together there so I wasn't leaving anytime soon. When my brother got home I left so that I wouldn't be walking home in the dark. Since yesterday was my only day off that's all I got done, once I got home I asked josh if he'd walk to the laundry mat with me. We gathered up our cloths into our backpacks, geeeze we sound like little kids. hahahah I thought we were going to walk, but Josh brings the bike and tells me to hop on the handlebars. At first I was hesitant. But once on, the laughter just came flowing out of me. Josh was so spontaneous with the whole riding the bike down Sylvania. We only had to ride about half a mile, but it was soooo fun. I felt scared like a little kid but I wanted more and more of it. We both just kept laughing like little kids, looking at all the other cars looking at us! hahahha

Last night as I lay in bed I just laughed at us. I had the image of myself perched atop these handlebars and him behind peering over my big head. It was a sight to see…..

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